Fashion &Fair

Hi guys, today I’d like to introduce you to my latest work: Fashion &Fair.

Fashion &Fair is a website about fair trade fashion and it’s part of my thesis. That’s why it would mean a lot to me if you would visit the webpage, the language is German, so maybe you won’t understand any word but that doesn’t matter. 😉

The aim is to give young people advices on how they can switch over to ethical fashion and how it’s possible to afford it. The website should be a place where they can find inspiration, brands, shops and lot more.

My sister Lisa took all the female fashion photographs and if I’m honest I had no idea how it would turn out, but the result was very satisfying and I’m very proud of my sister. Thank you so much Lisa for all your effort!!! – You did a great job!

So maybe you’re asking yourself why I didn’t take the photographs; that is very easy because I was the model… 😉

So here are a few impressions and I would be very happy about any kind of feedback or questions.

Fashion &FairFashion &FairFashion &FairFashion &FairFashion &FairFashion &FairFashion &Fair



Flower Shirt – Selfmade

This  Flower Shirt was made by my sister Lisa and the fabric she used was from an old pillowcase. Doesn’t it suit her well? She transferred the pattern from another t-shirt she had once received as a present.

IMG_0001_883  IMG_0001_886 IMG_0001_890 IMG_0001_889 IMG_0001_887 IMG_0001_882 IMG_0001_884 IMG_0001_885

Lots of love