There’s a lot going on…

It took a bit of time since my last blog post, but I hope I’ll have more time for blogging from now on.

Do you remember the post about the close-up lens?-I wrote about a website project for a friend’s business… So today I’d love to share my work with you and introduce you to Rita and what she’s doing.

About Rita and her business:

Rita runs an online wool shop under the name Spinnwebstube and she offers spinning and dying courses. The major part of the wool she sells is hand dyed by her and I can admit the quality of the wool and the colours are wonderful!!!

Her old website was so confusing and almost without pictures that I couldn’t let it be like it was… I offered Rita to create a new website and online shop. At this point of time I underestimated the work needed to be done, but now I can be proud of what I have created.

To build up the website I used WIX, a young but genius website provider. Wix is very user-friendly, full of beautiful templates and rather low-priced. So if you’re forced to create a website anytime in future, Wix would be a good choice.

At this point I’d like to say thank you to Rita. I wish her all the best for her future plans. Please check out the website and I’d love to hear from you!

Here are a few impressions:


IMG_0001_1450 IMG_0001_944 (4) IMG_0001_950 (3) IMG_0001_1461 IMG_0337

 -XOXO Lila-




Portrait Shoots

The last few days the weather was absolutely gorgeous; beautiful sunshine, a bit windy and mild temperatures. So my sister Lisa and I decided to take some pictures from each other just to practice and for fun. Here are few impressions:

salisa11 Delila3 SalisaHut3 SalisaHut Delila 1IMG_0001_1332

Lots of love


Close-Up Lens

Because I’m working on a new website for my mothers friend Rita I was able to borrow her close-up lens for photographing. For this reason I practised photographing with this new lens a lot and I have to confess that I’ve totally fallen in love with it! It’s a real pleasure working with it… Thank you Rita for letting me use your equipment! 🙂

I love doing creativ things therefore its a lot of fun for me and I’m curious how it will turn out. I’ll show you the site as soon as I have finished it- I’m really exited! And here are a few pictures  I took while experimenting with the new lense:

IMG_0001_1297 IMG_0001_1291 IMG_0001_1292 IMG_0001_1295 IMG_0001_1296

Love Lila.

2nd Photoshoot

Here are the pictures I promised in the last post, they are from my sister Lisa.

IMG_0001_1243 IMG_0001_1272 Salisa IMG_0001_1274

I always have for holidays a large list of things I would like to do e.g reading/visiting an organic farm/sewing… But I never manage to do it all. But I still enjoy my holidays to the fullest, in school time I almost never have time to go for a walk. So I appreciate walking all the more when I have time to do so; and I know that fresh air is essential for me…I get angry and unhappy when I don’t go outside. Since the start of the  Downton Abbey series we always watch one season in our Christmas holidays. This Christmas holiday we wachted the 3rd season and we finished it yesterday.  In fact I don’t really like watching movies besides a few Disney Movies like Tangled, BBC Series or The Great British Bake Off, but Downton Abbey as you probaly know is awesome! Okay the ending of the 3rd season is too much drama for me, but the rest is definitely great. I love the 1st and 2nd season, but I think I won’t watch the 4th one because Matthew won’t be in it, plus I don’t like how over dramatic the story will be. Today, I made a sourdought starter and I’m very exited how it will turn out. I’ve always wanted to do one, but I’ve never tried it because it sounded really comlicated when I read the recipe. My favourite bread is definitly whole wheat sourdought bread or spelt bread. I’m going to show you my result if the bread turns out well.

Uff, it’s the first time I’ve written so much and I hope it’s not to confusing and incoherent…


Photo Shooting With Mina

I’d like to show you a few pictures from a shooting with my sister Mina. I’m not a photographer but I anways like to take pictures and I’m quite happy wih the results. Let me know if you have any improvement suggestions.

IMG_0001_1238 Jamina4 Jamina Jamina1 IMG_0001_1269 Jamina3

I had a lot of fun taking pictures and I also took some from my other sister Lisa. They will soon be published…
Lots of love and I’d love to hear from you