2nd Photoshoot

Here are the pictures I promised in the last post, they are from my sister Lisa.

IMG_0001_1243 IMG_0001_1272 Salisa IMG_0001_1274

I always have for holidays a large list of things I would like to do e.g reading/visiting an organic farm/sewing… But I never manage to do it all. But I still enjoy my holidays to the fullest, in school time I almost never have time to go for a walk. So I appreciate walking all the more when I have time to do so; and I know that fresh air is essential for me…I get angry and unhappy when I don’t go outside. Since the start of the  Downton Abbey series we always watch one season in our Christmas holidays. This Christmas holiday we wachted the 3rd season and we finished it yesterday.  In fact I don’t really like watching movies besides a few Disney Movies like Tangled, BBC Series or The Great British Bake Off, but Downton Abbey as you probaly know is awesome! Okay the ending of the 3rd season is too much drama for me, but the rest is definitely great. I love the 1st and 2nd season, but I think I won’t watch the 4th one because Matthew won’t be in it, plus I don’t like how over dramatic the story will be. Today, I made a sourdought starter and I’m very exited how it will turn out. I’ve always wanted to do one, but I’ve never tried it because it sounded really comlicated when I read the recipe. My favourite bread is definitly whole wheat sourdought bread or spelt bread. I’m going to show you my result if the bread turns out well.

Uff, it’s the first time I’ve written so much and I hope it’s not to confusing and incoherent…



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