Devon Holidays Part I


I’m back from my autumn holidays, which I spend with my family in Devon. We stayed in a holiday cottage around Noss Mayo, a village in the South West of Devon. We had a wonderful view into the green and we could also see the Dartmoor. The weather was perfect, very sunny and almost never rain. If it rained then in the morning or during the night. We spend most of the time outside walking or visiting villages or towns. On the top of my list is Dartmouth, a town with charm and character. I also love Modbury, the first plastic bag free town in the UK! And I can also recommend a walk in the Dartmoor. I’ll just show you some foggy pictures, others will follow later.

IMG_0001_978 IMG_0001_974 IMG_0001_975 IMG_0001_976

All these pictures are from around our cottage. I love foggy weather in the UK, its a kind of mystic and its very adventurous. You might have found out that I’m absolutely in love with the British countryside.

See ya



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